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Post-Doctoral Fellow
Center for Mitochondrial and Epigenomic Medicine (CMEM)
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute
Colket Translational Research Building
3501 Civic Center Boulevard, Room 6100
Philadelphia, PA 
Phone: (267) 425-3062

Research Statement

How we age and our susceptibility to disease is influenced by several factors including metabolic (over-eating and exercise) and chronic psycho-social stresses. Mitochondria, the cell’s most dynamic organelles, have the ability to respond to both of these types of stresses by rapidly changing their shapes and altering their function. In turn, this affects cellular health via specific pathways. Among those is mitochondrial retrograde signaling, which consist in the transfer of information from mitochondria to the nucleus to affect gene expression. Dr. Picard's current research aims to elucidate the epigenetic “reprogramming” consequences of primary mitochondrial DNA defects, and their interaction with metabolic stresses such as exercise, inactivity and dietary interventions. 

Selected Publications

  • Picard M, Turnbull DM. Linking metabolic state and mitochondrial DNA in chronic disease, health and aging. Diabetes (2013, In press)
  • Picard M, White K, Turnbull DM. Mitochondrial morphology, topology and membrane interactions in skeletal muscle: A three-dimensional electron microscopy study. J Appl Physiol 2013; 114(2):161-171
  • Picard M, Jung B, Liang F, Azuelos I, Hussain SNA, Goldberg P, Godin R, Danialou G, Chaturvedi R, Rygiel K, Matecki S, Jaber S, Des Rosiers C, Karpati G, Ferri L, Burelle Y, Turnbull DM, Taivassalo T, Petrof BJ. Mitochondrial dysfunction and lipid accumulation in the human diaphragm during mechanical ventilation. Am J Resp Crit Care Med 2012; 186(11):1140-1149
  • Picard M. Pathways to aging: The mitochondrion at the intersection of biological and psychosocial sciences. J Aging Res 2011; 814096: 1-11
  • Picard M, Ritchie D, Wright KJ, Romestaing C, Thomas MM, Rowan SL, Taivassalo T, Hepple RT. Mitochondrial functional impairment with aging is exaggerated in isolated mitochondria compared to permeabilized myofibers. Aging Cell 2010; 9:1032-1046